About Us

At Bellingham Ambulatory Surgery Center, we take great pride in the care we give our patients. High quality, safe, and compassionate care are our standards. Complete patient satisfaction is our goal.

Complete patient satisfaction is our goal.

While surgery at BASC does not require post-surgical hospitalization, we are similar to a hospital in that:

  • Your surgeon and anesthesiologist are supported by a team of registered nurses and technologists trained specifically in surgical and recovery care.
  • Our surgical suites along with our sophisticated surgical and emergency equipment are identical to those found in a hospital.

Most patients are discharged in one to three hours after surgery. Recovering in the comfort of home reduces stress and anxiety and can speed up recovery.

Not only do we provide a safe and comfortable surgical environment, but we also typically provide surgical care at a lower cost than hopitals because of our focus on outpatient care. We are committed to reducing the cost of quality healthcare.